IEEE EUROCON 2017, 6 - 8 July 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia

Paper Submission


Before submitting the final version of the paper at , please complete instructions given in steps 1 to 6:

1. Check the Abstract format: In order for an abstract to be effective when displayed in IEEE Xplore® as well as through indexing services such as Compendex, INSPEC, Medline, ProQuest, and Web of Science, it must be an accurate, stand-alone reflection of the contents of the article. It is important to state the primary objective, describe your research/design methodology and procedures you employed, the main outcomes and results, and the conclusions that might be drawn from these data and results. In particular, check that it complies with the IEEE Xplore Abstract Format:

  • The abstract must be between 150-250 words. Be sure that you adhere to these limits; otherwise, you will need to edit your abstract accordingly.
  • The abstract must be self-contained, without abbreviations, footnotes, or references. It should be a microcosm of the full article.
  • The abstract must be written as one paragraph, and should not contain displayed mathematical equations or tabular material.
  • The abstract should include three or four different keywords or phrases, as this will help readers to find it. It is important to avoid over-repetition of such phrases as this can result in a page being rejected by search engines.

2. Reviewers comments: The paper has to be revised taking into account the suggestions made by the reviewers.

3. Plagiarism: Make sure that your paper is substantially different (less than 60% overlap) from (your) previously published work. Manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism and multiple publication using IEEE CrossCheck Portal ( Submitting authors will be checked have they been prohibited from publishing with any or all IEEE publications using The IEEE Prohibited Authors List (PAL) Database.

4. Template version: Use the Customized IEEE EUROCON 2017 manuscript template version if you have not used it for the first paper submission. The customized template differs from the standard one in the following:
– The copyright notice is added at the bottom of the first page. There are 4 different IEEE copyright notices, according to authors employee origin (US, UK/Crown gov., EU, and all other countries; see below at "Customized IEEE EUROCON 2017 manuscript template versions"). 
– Conference details are added in the paper header: IEEE EUROCON 2017, 6–8 JULY 2017, OHRID, R. MACEDONIA

5. Checking PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress Plus Service: The IEEE PDF eXpress Plus service is used to check that the PDF you have created adheres to the IEEE template / PDF requirements. Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus site ( using the 39878XP for the Conference ID. If you need additional detailed instructions for Using IEEE PDF eXpress™ and Acceptable File Types for Checking , please check the web site

First-time users should do the following:
     a. Select the option "New Users - Click Here link"
     b. Enter the following:
          · 39878XP for the Conference ID
          · your email address
          · a password
     c. Continue to enter information as prompted.

An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous users of PDF eXpress or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.

 6. Sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement: The IEEE copyright transfer agreements should be completed, one form per paper, not per author. Download the agreement from the links below (MSWord or PDF).

ieeecopyrightform_EUROCON2017.pdf (194 KB)
ieeecopyrightform_EUROCON2017.docx (1756 KB)

 7. Upload to EasyChair: Upload the final (camera-ready) version of the paper (created by PDF eXpress) and the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement (PDF) to EasyChair by visiting: . Login to EasyChair with the account you used previously to submit your paper. Go to tab "My Submissions". In the page with you submissions click on "Information" link in the Information column of that paper. In the new page find and click the "Add or update files" link in the menu at the top right corner of the page. A new page opens with 2 new fields " Final (camera-ready) version of the paper" and " Copyright Transfer Agreement". Please use "Chose File" button and upload both mandatory files, and finally press "Submit" button.


* * * * * 


The working language of the conference is English. Papers should strictly follow IEEE format and be limited to 6 pages. A charge of 100 € will be applied for each extra page.

Types of papers:

  • research papers (academic or industrial)
  • student research papers (the first author must be a MSc or PhD student at the time of initial paper submission)
  • professional papers and presentations

The research contributions must be original, have neither been nor are intended to be published elsewhere during the review period.

All submissions will be refereed by experts in the field. The quality of the research papers will be assessed based on its originality, significance and clarity. Authors should indicate theirs preference in oral or poster presentation (the chairs, based on the reviewers recommendations, can change the presentation type). 

Conference proceedings: All Accepted papers will be included in the Conference Programme and will be published in the IEEE EUROCON 2017 Proceedings and the Book of Abstracts.

IEEEXplore: Only presented research papers (academic, industrial and student) satisfying all IEEE standards will be submitted to the IEEEXplore database (indexed by Inspec, Ei Compendex, Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar) and are eligible for further submission to IEEE journals. Submissions will be checked with the two quality-control tools: (1) The IEEE CrossCheck Portal to check for plagiarism and multiple publication. In this sence, the submissions should be substantially different (less than 60% overlap) from (your) previously published work. (2) The IEEE Prohibited Authors List Database to check for submitting authors who have been prohibited from publishing with any or all IEEE publications.

IEEE EUROCON 2017 Student Paper Competition: The student papers are research contributions where the first author must be a MSc or PhD student at the time of initial paper submission. These paper submissions are automatically entering the Student Paper Competition. The selection of the best paper will be based 50% on the paper technical quality and 50% on the quality of the oral presentation and answers to conference audience questions. The EUROCON 2017 Best Student Paper Award is a tablet computer.

IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest 2017: All IEEE Region 8 Student Branches are invited to participate in the IEEE Region 8 Student Paper Contest 2017. This year SPC 2017 marks 50 years since it was first held. Five papers will be chosen for presentation at IEEE EUROCON 2017. The work presented has to be completed before the student receives the engineering degree that entitles him/her to start preparing a doctoral thesis and the submission of the paper to the Region 8 Contest must be completed within 12 months after graduation. A doctoral thesis is not considered. For more information, please read the IEEE Region 8 SAC invitation for participation. The deadline to send full student papers for the contest is December 15, 2016.


OLD - Please use the IEEE Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings template:

Microsoft Word 2003
A4 (DOC, 56 KB)

LaTeX Archive Contents
How to Use the IEEEtran LaTeX Class (PDF, 314 kB)
Windows (ZIP, 715 kB)

LateX Bibliography Files 
Windows (ZIP, 309 kB)


NEW - Customized IEEE EUROCON 2017 manuscript template versions: 


Microsoft Word 2003


LaTeX (EUROCON.rar, 779 kB)

  • For papers in which all the authors are employed by the US government EUROCON2017_USA.tex
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia) EUROCON2017_UK.tex
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union EUROCON2017_EU.tex
  • For all other papers EUROCON2017_Other_Countries.tex



In order to upload the pdf version of your paper please visit:

If you have no EasyChair account you should first create an account. To this end, you should use the above mentioned Web page and click on "I have no EasyChair account".

If you have an EasyChair account, you should do the following:
        (1) Log in using your account information.
        (2) In the EasyChair menu, follow the menu tabs "EasyChair->My conferences".
        (3) Choose "IEEE EUROCON 2017".
        (4) Click "enter as an author".

During paper submission please provide the following information:

(1) Chose the STA or the SS that most closely relates to you research, if there is one. Else, select one of the 4 major tracks
(2) Select one or more (where appropriate) topic/s within the Track, STA or SS.
(3) Select the paper type: 
      - research paper,
      - student research paper,
      - professional paper or presentation.
(4) Select the presentation type:
      - oral,
      - poster.

For all eventual problems or questions related to EasyChair paper submission please contact