IEEE EUROCON 2017, 6 - 8 July 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia

Social Activities


Welcome Reception

 Welcome Reception and 20th Anniversary of the IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section Celebration.

 The Conference Welcome Reception will take place on 6th July 2017 at 20:00 h in the Biljana Hall and the terrace on the Lower Level in the Hotel Metropol starting at 20 o'clock. At the beginning prof. Goce Arsov will give an overview of the historical facts about the evolution of the IEEE Republic of Macedonia Section. Afterwards the participants can enjoy the Welcome cocktail party on the lower level terrace of Metropol Hotel.


Young Proffessionals – informal meet up – City of Ohrid



Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner (included in full conference registartion fee) will take place at the Bellevue Hotel Restaurant Hall on Friday, July 7th 2017 at 20:00 h. Traditional Macedonian food will be served. During the event a local folk dance group Otex will perform traditional Macedonian dances. Afterwards a local band will perform some evergreen melodies from all over the world.

 During the Gala Diner, the 2017 IEEE President Karen Bartleson will present IEEE Service Awards to distinguished members of the IEEE Rep. of Macedonia Section.

The IEEE R8 Director Margaretha Eriksson will award the winners of the IEEE Region 8 Best Student Paper Contest 2017.


Boat Tour with Lunch and Visit to the Monastery of St. Naum and Bay of Bones

The full conference registration includes boat tour on 8th July 2017.  The cruise will start at 14:00 h after the closing ceremony. Once we board the boat, lunch and drinks will be served. We will sail along the southern shoreline for about 2 hours with a tourist guide. During the cruise we can enjoy in the scenic view of Ohrid coastline and fisherman villages. Than the trip will continue to the St. Naum Monastery. The Monastery complex is surrounded by beautiful nature. Nearby are the springs of the river Crni Drim that leaves the Ohrid Lake at the city of  Struga. Boat t

The foundations of the church of St. Naum date from the 10th century. St. Naum was a student of Ss. Cyril and Methodius who came back to Ohrid to spread Christianity. He was also known as a local monk who healed people. The tomb of St. Naum is in the church, in a special chamber, decorated with fresco paintings that illustrate his miracles. It is believed that if someone lays their head on the tomb, they will be able to hear his heartbeat.

During the stay participant can rent a small boat ("kajtche") tour along the springs of the river Crni Drim (optional). Afterwards, the visitors will return back to the hotel Metropol.  Along the way the boat will stop at the Bay of Bones (a museum on water and archaeological site), an extraordinary underwater archaeological attraction (entrance tickets paid by the organizer).


Ohrid by Night: Cocktail bar Hemingway

Bus transport will be organized to the Ohrid City centre on 8th July 2017 at 21:00 h for a group entertainment and party at the Cocktail bar Hemingway. The return on your own schedule by taxi (approx. 3.5 EUR per car).




Ohrid - оld town-the pearl of Macedonia and Balkan
TOUR: Stroll along the old narrow streets where, at every 100 meters, you can come across a significant historical sights: The museum complex in the houses of Robev family, Uranija and Hristo Uzunov is representation of the town architecture dating from 19th century, The church St. Sophia with exceptional architectonic performance with frescoes from 11th and 14th century. The Antique Theatre - the oldest antique theatre in Macedonia, built for - among other things - gladiatorial combats, has been reconstructed to house for theatrical performances and concerts. Icon Gallery - painted in the period beginning from 11th until 19th century; The Ohrid fortress, the Tsar Samuil`s fortress, the millennium and indestructible foundation of Lychnidos and Ohrid. Plaosnik - a site which has been representation of spiritual and cultural resource of Lychnidos (later known as Ohrid) is an early Christian urbanized and rebuild church St. Panteleimon together with parts of the monastery complex - the first Slav University, The church of St. Jovan Kaneo from 13th century is the symbol of Ohrid,(From St. Jovan Kaneo you can have boat trip so you can have magnificent view on Ohrid and its surroundings. The boat will take you to the city harbour.)



Ohrid - city tour
TOUR: Start of the tour from the town square. The road leads from “Dolna porta”, the entrance to the old town, near two small churches - St. Nikola and St.”Bogorodica Bolnicki”. You'll see some of the old and new architecture of Ohrid, of which Robevci house dominates the scenery. Today the house hosts the museum of Ohrid - which is keeps the most important archaeological discoveries of Ohrid and its area. This church from the XII century is impressive for its construction as well as the frescoes - Byzantine style of painting cultivated in the former capital, Constantinople. In this tour the ages are mixed because Ohrid is one of the rare towns with continuous living. Visit the Church “Bogorodica Perivleptos” from XIII century which will have the opportunity to see a new style of Byzantine painting. Visit Plaosnik - a place that is spiritual and cultural canter of the city Lyhnidos (Ohrid) is an old Slavic church and school, which was rebuilt in 2002 following the example of ancient sanctuary. Visits Samuel's Fortress - Fortress which dominates the town. Returning to the city centre, walk through Ohrid Bazaar, the opportunity to buy the famous Ohrid pearl.



Ohrid – Jerusalem of the Balkans
TOUR: We start the Upper Gate on the hill – the only remaining open entrance to the old city, where we can enjoy a nice view of the old fortress remains. Then we move on to the church of St. Mother of God Perivleptos, where we visit the Gallery of Icons– famous for its extraordinary examples of Byzantine are in Macedonian icons. Then we continue to the Ancient Theater dating back to the 1 century B.C. – the era of Philip, father of Alexander the Great. The fortress of Czar Samoil is our next point of interest, up on the hill, with a wonderful view of Lake Ohrid and the entire Riviera from the ancient ramparts. We continue our walk to the church of St. Jovan Kaneo of the 13 century, one of the most impressive churches in Ohrid. It was built at a site of exceptional position, upon a cliff overhanging the lake, in the vicinity of a fishing village called Kaneo. From this spot, the path will take us to the lower part of the old city, where we are going to break for about 1.5 hours, to have lunch at a traditional restaurant. After lunch we are moving on, to approach St. Sofia – Holy Wisdom, where we stop without entering. The church dates back to 11 century and it is the official seat of the Patriarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. Then we continue to the Archaeological Museum – the House of Robev Family, which features an exhibition of ancient artifacts, such as the statuette of the Goddess Isis and the well-known gold mask (which is still outside of Macedonia). Step by step we arrive at the city center and the port of Ohrid. We take a look at the monuments depicting St. Kiril and Metodij – the first Slavic Enlighteners, and St. Kliment – the Patron Saint of the city of Ohrid, and then we take a stroll along the old bazaar street which abounds in bars, restaurants, exchange offices, banks, pharmacies, boutiques, galleries. Our final point of interest is the oldest tree in the Balkans – Ohrid Cinar (plane tree /platanus orientalis). Return to hotel: after sightseeing is finished.



Boat Tour and The Monastery of St. Naum
TOUR: The cruise will start once we board the boat, after which we sail along the southern horeline for about 2 hours. During the cruise you can enjoy in the view of Ohrid, the summer residence of the president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito (1892-1980), the Bay of Bones (a museum on water and archaeological site). Sailing on, we pass by the unique church of St. Mother of God of Zahum (Bogorodica Zahumska) – 13 century. During the journey, we are going to stop for half an hour at the Bay of Bones to visit this extraordinary underwater archaeological attraction, which was open for the public not too long ago. A new exposition has been set up there featuring a reconstruction of the prehistoric pile dwelling – 12 to 7 century B.C. This complex also includes the remains of a Roman military checkpoint dating back to the 2 century B.C.Arrival at the Monastery of St. Naum. Our path (both from the parking lot and the dock) will take us to a wooden monument portraying St. Naum, placed among a colorful flock of peafowl, towards the main entrance gate of the Monastery, on top of a rock. Inside the Monastery (split into smaller groups) we are going to visit the magnificent church of the terrestrial angels Michael and Gabriel (9 century). In addition to the legends of his mysterious gift, your guide will also show you how true believers can still hear the heartbeat of St. Naum at his tomb. The Macedonian-Albanian border is 400 m away, while a town on the Albanian side, called Pogradec, can easily be seen from the monastery complex. Traditional lunch will be served on the terrace at a wonderful site called Ostrovo – an archaic word meaning island. This is the place where one can learn more about the famous Ohrid Pearl, where a member of a family who have been keeping secretively, even distrustfully, the secret of production of this pearl for more than 100 years, will elaborate on its excellent quality and special method of production. Our program also offers free time and anopportunity for you to go to the beach, shop at the stands with souvenirs and pearls, drink from the well-known healing spring of St. Petka, buy something, or just enjoy a journey to the springs on a dinghy with an expertguide. In case of inconvenient weather conditions, the captain of the boat reserves the right to make alterations to the program and if in his/her judgment the boat cruise is not possible for safety reasons, then the journey will take place by bus. After the program is finished we return to the hotel.



TOUR: With a Dutch/English speaking guide we drive through the National Park of Galicica, we drive through rough terrain with wonderful viewpoints, being able to see both the Ohrid and Prespa lake. The National park is known for its wonderful flora and fauna with endem plants, rich forests and wide fields. At the sheepfold we stop for a coffee break. At a nearby  abandoned mountain village, citizens from another nearby village prepare lunch .After lunch we leave the park to the north side of Ohrid. The entire route is 40km.